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About Us

Earl Bouse | Senior Agent

For the last 22 years I have been working with Federal Employees doing their separation paperwork and handling their retirement and medical needs.

Prior to this, I spent 40 years in technology as a software engineer. I developed and sold IVR (“Interactive Voice”) systems to local and state government agencies to handle online payments. I also developed and provided a “Transit Information System” for the 1996 Olympics Atlanta and 2000 in Sydney.

In my spare time, I created and patented a Robotic Basketball Training device that we called “Blocko Man”, Born To Block! 

Our Services

What We Do For Clients

Asset Protection

​Retirement doesn’t mean that it’s time to stop growing. Same holds true for your money. It should mean, however, that it’s time to stop taking unnecessary risk.

We specialize in helping retirees protect their retirement assets while continuing to move forward.

Family Legacy Planning

Many of our clients want to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren and are shocked to learn how easy it is to double, even triple their inheritance – TAX-FREE AND GUARANTEED!

We also work with our clients and help them embrace their own mortality and be prepared for the loss of a spouse and the income burdens this can often create.

Extended Care Solutions

Long-term care/extended care costs have gone up substantially in the last 10 years. Unfortunately, the statistics are not in our favor, a plan to address these costs should be included in every retirement strategy.

The good news is we work with hybrid insurance plans that leverage your dollar in case you need it for extended care, but remain 100% accessible for withdrawal if you don’t.

Retirement Income

Creating an income plan to last throughout retirement is perhaps the single most important challenge retirees will face. It’s very likely to spend 30 years or more living in retirement without earned income.

We create a customized retirement income plan, encompassing all sources of income, for each one of our clients and no two plans are exactly alike. Let us get to work on a plan for you.

Allstate Postal Disability

Like most, unless you know someone who has been disabled, you may not see the value of Disability insurance. You may think it won’t happen to you, but if it does, you are vulnerable to lost income.

An injury or sickness may slow you down, but it won’t slow down your monthly bills. Expenses such as house and car payments, or even daily living expenses such as groceries and gas, will still need to be paid. Disability insurance can help replace your lost income and help ensure your finances are not depleted.

Sequence of Returns

These eye-opening points could mean the difference
​of thousands of dollars to you in retirement.

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